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FACULTY: Dr. Julia Schmitz & Rev. Tim Garvin-Leighton


  • BIOL 4800: Special Topics: Human Behavior and Public Health
  • PHIL/RELG 3325: Environmental Ethics

Experience it all Downunder: Magnificent scenery from the stunning views of Mt Warning Caldera, an ancient volcano, to avocado and coffee farms dotting the country roads, pristine beaches up and down the South Pacific Ocean, delicious tropical fruits, creative visual arts, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, if you dare, marvel at the Sydney Opera House, a true architectural gem and World Heritage site, learn about Aboriginal culture first hand, and of course great food as you pedal along the eastern coastline of Australia.  We will spend several unforgettable days in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales after leisurely bicycling along the coast north of Sydney from Ballina to Kingscliff. Along the way, you will study the effects of human behavior on public health and humanity’s relationship to the natural world/environment.

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FACULTY: Prof. Sandra Maughon & Dr. Jeff Bruns


  • BUSA 4990: Special Topics in International Business
  • BUSA 4990: Business Travel Abroad

European Experience 2019 is an extraordinary combination of cultural immersion and international business travel; an essential experience for those pursuing a career in business.  Comprised of two business courses, BUSA 4990.1- Special Topics in International Business and BUSA 4990.2 - Business Travel-Abroad, yielding 6 credit hours in your major field of study.  Since both destination countries are members of the European Union, you can learn first-hand from professionals what they have experienced in the evolution of business and economy in euro-zone and non-euro zone countries.

We have developed relationships with a variety of enterprises in settings from private to government; from marketing to consulting and you will be exposed to direct contact with management-level contacts at several of the sites. Business and government agency visits have included European Central Bank, Deloitte, Accenture, Daimler Mercedes-Benz and Skoda (Auto Manufacturing Plants), Ruckl Crystal Factory, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and CzechInvest. We will also visit the memorial at the Terezin (Teresienstadt) Concentration Camp north of Prague. Cultural studies will be supported with city tours of both destinations and opportunities for exploration. 
For additional details and course requirements, contact Professor Maughon ( / 706-778-8500 ext. 1904), or Dr. Bruns ( / 706-778-8500 ext. 2820). Attendance is required for 4 Saturday course meeting dates prior to the trip on January 25, February 22, March 21, and April 18, 2020.

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FACULTY: Dr. Susanna Warnock & Prof. Margaret Ryder


  • BUSA 6990: Special Topics in Business-Brexit and the financial effect on Ireland, UK, and US economies
  • BUSA 6990: Special Topics in Business-Analysis of IMF Policies in International Financial Strategic Management

Come study the effects of Brexit and the EU in real time! One of the most pivotal international economic policies will result in ramifications for the Irish, British, and US economies that will be felt for decades. Put your business theories and knowledge into practice as you meet with Embassy and Irish government representatives, study Ireland’s agribusiness, and speak with management from a Gaelic Sports team. Learn the historic and cultural aspects of a civilization over a 1000 years in the making, including the study of Protestant-Catholic divisions, a review of Belfast’s artistic murals, and a tour of a Guinness storehouse (the signature drink of Ireland).

This trip included course graduate course credit (BUSA 6990.01 & BUSA 6990.02).
The trip requires a $1000 deposit before December 1st, 2019. Classes begin the third Saturday in January, 2020.
If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Susanna Warnock or Professor Margaret Ryder for further information.


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FACULTY: Prof. Rebecca Brantley & Dr. Melissa Tingle


  • ART 1100: Introduction to Art
  • MCOM 3100: Special Topics in Mass Media: La Bella Figura: An Examination of Images through Historical Aesthetics and Intercultural Communication Perspectives

The Summer Travel Study experience to Rome and Florence includes a special topics course in Mass Communications and Art: “La Bella Figura: An Examination of Images through Art History, Aesthetics and Intercultural Communication Perspectives.” La Bella Figura, literally interpreted as “good image,” describes the art of making a good impression. This not only refers to an individual’s appearance and intercultural communication skills, but also refers to the Italian cultural emphasis of communicating virtue, grace, and dignity through artistic methods. Students will explore and research this idea of la bella figura at major museums and historical sites, while dividing their time between Rome and Florence, with day trips to Pompeii, Sienna, Padua and/or Ravenna.

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FACULTY: Prof. Ryan Franklin & Prof. Jeff Bowers


  • HIST 1113: Transformative Developments in Western Civilization (1500-present)
  • SPAN 3300: Spanish Culture and Civilization*
    • *Neither proficiency in Spanish nor previous SPAN coursework is required.

Visit Spain, the land of enchantment, castles, Moorish palaces, tapas, sunny beaches, bulls, and flamenco. Join Professor Bowers and Professor Franklin as they journey to the capital of Madrid and south to the captivating region of Andalucía to experience all the sounds, sights, and tastes the Spanish culture has to offer. The trip will begin in Madrid, the cosmopolitan capital and cultural center of the country, where students will visit some of the finest museums and palaces the world has to offer. Students will experience the Tapas scene and can cap off their night on the city with churros and chocolate in this bustling city that never sleeps. A day trip to Toledo will offer students the opportunity to see the ancient cobblestone streets, beautiful cathedrals, magnificent stone structures, and the Roman bridge that make this a truly remarkable historical destination. After touring Madrid and the surrounding areas, the bullet train will take us down to Seville in historic Andalucia, where students will be greeted with the Plaza de España, the history of Moorish occupation, the third largest Cathedral in the world, and the best tapas in Spain.

There will be a day trip to the ancient port city of Cádiz, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe where students can check out the beautiful beaches that Spain has to offer. Another day trip to Cordoba will showcase the East/West culture clash that defines southern Spain, where you will be able to see the Mezquita de Cordoba, the Alcazar of the Christian Kings, and the winding, picturesque streets carpeted in flowers. Finally, we will transfer over to Granada to see the final refuge of the Moorish occupation in the peninsula. The major sights in Granada include the Alhambra, Gypsy cave dancing in the Sacramonte, the ancient bazaars, the snowcapped Sierra Nevada, and many 13th century structures that remain from the Nasrid dynasty. Along the way, students will discover the Spanish language through immersive cultural practices and learn the nuances that make the peninsular language so different from the rest of the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, students will learn about the history of Spain and Western Civilization through studying the Reconquista and the Conquest of the Indies.  So, if you have any interest in learning about the culture, language, and history of Spain, and making friends and memories that will last a lifetime, consider joining Professor Bowers and Professor Franklin on this excursion in May of 2020.

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