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STEM Endorsement

The Piedmont College STEM Education Endorsement is available to all Georgia educators who hold a certificate in K-12 education or a related field such as media specialist or technology specialist.

Piedmont offers two paths to the STEM Education Endorsement:

  • Candidates in graduate teacher education programs at Piedmont College may, with the help of their faculty advisor, elect to take a sequence of four courses, making them eligible for a certificate endorsement in STEM Education.
  • Additionally, individuals seeking the endorsement outside of a graduate program may apply to the Office of Graduate Admissions to pursue the endorsement as a non-degree student. 

STEM Endorsement

Required Courses / CATALOG 

  • EDUC/CEDU 7771 Exploring STEM Education
  • EDUC/CEDU 7772 Planning for STEM Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC/CEDU 7773 Developing STEM Habits of Mind
  • EDUC/CEDU 7774 Engaging Students as a STEM Educator

The program delivery model is hybrid (online with periodic in-person collaborative sessions).

For more information, contact Dr. Lynn Rambo by email, or at 706-778-3000 ext. 1564.