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Semester Abroad

Study Abroad in England or Germany

Piedmont College offers two European destinations for semester abroad. In 2007, the College initiated its partnership with the University of Nottingham in England. Nottingham is the "home" of Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forrest. The University itself is internationally known for its school of business while the arts and humanities also thrive in Nottingham. In early 2013, Piedmont College partnered with the University of Paderborn in the district of Westphalia, Germany. The University of Paderborn is known for its rigorous coursework in computers, engineering, and English. Both universities, Nottingham and Paderborn, accept Piedmont College students for either autumn or spring semester studies.

Getting Started

Students meet with the director of the Study Abroad program to learn more about the destinations and to receive the Piedmont College nominating packet. Students must work with their faculty advisor to complete the nominating packet for review by a committee of faculty, staff, and administrators. Once nominated by Piedmont College, students may apply to either university for a semester's study.  

Piedmont College invites its undergraduate students in good standing to consider applying for a semester of study in Europe. Informational sessions are held on campus for students to learn more about the universities, travel documentation, potential course selection, and on campus housing. Often, students who have recently returned from a semester abroad share their experiences and provide valuable tips for a successful semester.

Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Who may study abroad for a semester at the University of Nottingham or the University of Paderborn?

Piedmont College students in good standing and who have completed a minimum of 45 credit hours, with a maximum of 75 hours, and have an overall GPA of 3.25 may seek nomination.

Is it necessary to have traveled internationally before planning a semester abroad?

No, prior travel experience is not necessary, but it's highly recommended before embarking on a semester abroad. 

What are the costs for the semester abroad at the University of Nottingham or University of Paderborn?

Students pay Demorest tuition, room & board to attend either university. Students are also responsible for the cost of a round trip airline ticket, health insurance, a valid US passport, sufficient funds for school supplies, and other fees the university may impose. Students must also have available funds to support their lifestyle while studying abroad, which might include travel throughout the Europe.

Where will I live?

Piedmont students will live in a dorm on the host university's campus.

How will I get acclimated to life at a European university?

Both the University of Nottingham and the University of Paderborn offer international students a Welcome Program which occurs over the first few days after arrival. During this time, students are guided through the university course registration process. By the time classes begin, students are settled into their accommodations, familiar with the university resources, and know their way around campus.

Do I need to know German to study at the University of Paderborn?

No. Once on the University of Paderborn campus, you will enroll in classes taught in English; however, it's a good idea to have some knowledge of the host country's language and culture. We suggest successful completion of at least 2-3 German language and culture courses or participation in Travel Study opportunity to Germany before you apply to the University of Paderborn. 

How many courses will I need to take as a university student?

Students take the equivalent of 12 semester hours while studying abroad as they would at Piedmont College in order to maintain full-time status. Piedmont College advisors and the coordinator of the Study Abroad program work closely with students in choosing courses that could help to complete their program of study.

How do university courses differ from courses taught at Piedmont College?

The university system of education requires less class time in lectures and offers fewer learning assessments. Typically, students will attend lectures by professors once or twice per week. And students are expected to engage in a great deal of independent academic work outside of the classroom including content research and sustained critical reading. Most courses require only one major paper at midterm and a comprehensive final exam or another major paper due at the end of the semester. Class sizes vary widely from 20 to 300 students. If you are used to spending a great deal of time with your professors and having multiple assessments in a course, the university system will be different for you. To be successful during your semester abroad, you should be a strong critical thinker, problem solver, and independent worker.

How will my university grades transfer to Piedmont College?

Both partnering universities send Piedmont College a transcript of semester grades which will be posted to your Piedmont College transcript and included in the calculation of your cumulative GPA.Your performance at either university will affect future financial aid awards in the same manner as classes taken at Piedmont College.