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Residence Life

There are numerous benefits to living on campus, including convenience, opportunities to develop life-long friendships, and living in an environment that fosters the educational and personal growth of students. Our goal is to offer residential facilities, programs, and services that enhance student learning and support student success.

While living in an environment that promotes safety, students also benefit from the opportunity to learn about other cultures and lifestyles, form lifelong friendships, and make lasting memories. The concepts of self-respect and respect for others, tolerance of and celebration of diversity, ethical behavior and personal growth are fostered via staff intervention, community-based educational and social programs, and the expectation that hall residents hold one another accountable. The convenience of living on campus provides students easy access to numerous campus resources, including faculty and academic advisors, the library, computer labs, dining halls and other campus eateries, recreational facilities, and student organizations.
All residence hall rooms come with Wi-Fi, a twin bed, blinds, AC/heat, Free Online-Movie Streaming Service, Internet connection, large refrigerators, and microwaves. Additionally, students have access to free laundry facilities in every building and free cable services in the common areas of the buildings (lobbies, game rooms and/or community kitchens).
Piedmont Village is the latest campus housing, which came online in 2015. 


Hall & Room Assignments 

How do we assign student rooms? We assign students rooms based on available spaces according to the date when the Residence Hall Application and deposit are received and on the number of credit hours accumulated. All roommate requests must be mutual. Every attempt will be made to honor roommate requests, but they are not guaranteed. Piedmont prides itself on making every effort to match students with roommates who share like interests and hope to create life-long relationships.

How are rooms assigned after the freshmen year? Current students will be allowed to choose their fall residence hall placement during the Spring Semester. A $100 fee is required, prior to sign up, and will be applied to the Fall housing charges. If the room assignment is cancelled any time prior to taking occupancy, the housing fee will be forfeited to the college.