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Research & Scholarship

Academic scholarship is central to the vitality of a liberal arts education, and Piedmont College has earned a reputation for academic excellence exhibited through the work of its faculty and students. Numerous faculty members write books and professional journal articles; present papers at regional, national, and international conferences; perform and share their works of art and music; and serve on prestigious boards and committees. Each year, more students join their faculty mentors in collaborative research and present their work at state and national venues of scholars. Likewise, student-athletes continue to excel both in the classroom and on the field or the court.

Institutional Review Board

Piedmont College students conduct research at the Undergraduate, Masters, Education Specialist, and Doctorate levels. Additionally, many faculty members are involved in individual and cooperative research. Each year, over 500 studies are completed at these various levels throughout the College.

All research involving human subjects at Piedmont College must have Institutional Review Board approval prior to inception of research, regardless of category or level of human involvement. This policy is designed to allow the college a sufficient level of institutional control over research quality and to protect the researcher by archiving approved research proposals. These approved proposals are maintained in a database administered by the Coordinator for Human Subjects Research and are listed according to the originating research professor and the lead researcher listed on the application. They are also assigned an IRB Reference Number, which appears at the bottom of the approved application. 

Research professors are responsible for insuring that all research applications are completed on the most current version of the application. The correct form will be the one that is posted on this page in conjunction with updates to this content (current version: IRB5242016).

Research professors are responsible for review of the completed student document and for submission of this document to the IRB Applications office. This may be done either electronically ( or by hardcopy (IRB Applications, Piedmont College, PO Box 10, 1021 Central Avenue, Demorest, Ga. 30535). 

All correspondence will be between the research professor and the IRB office. Requests to conduct research at Piedmont College from external institutions or individuals shall be reviewed with recommendations by the Coordinator for Human Subjects Research, approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and submitted to the President for final approval. 

For questions on IRB policy, please contact Dr. Cynthia Vance
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