· Piedmont College will process a student loan request for graduate and undergraduate students before and during
each semester. Students must submit this form to request a loan change. A signed Loan Adjustment Request Form
gives the Financial Aid Office permission to modify your loan amounts (add, delete, etc.).

· Once processed, students will be notified within 30 days. The notification will confirm if the loan adjustment is
approved, the new loan amount and the loan type (subsidized or unsubsidized). Loan adjustments are determined
based on a student’s year in college, dependency status, and annual/aggregate loan history. Loan requests are
processed and funds are disbursed during the first 60-90 days of each term.

· Student loan requests, for any term in session, must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline dates
below. After the deadline, loan requests cannot be processed, and students will need to make alternate arrangements
to meet costs of attendance.

Fall Semester: October 1
Spring Semester: March 1
Summer Semester: June 18
Please make the following adjustment to my:
What adjustment do you want to make?
Amount of increase/decrease requested:
Special Notes to the Financial Aid Staff:
Email Address:
Student Printed Name:
Student ID#:
Student Campus:
Student Type:
Student Address:
Parent Printed Name:
Parent last 4 digits of SS#:
Only required for Parent Loan Changes
Financial Aid Loan Adjustment Request