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Nursing and Health Sciences


In accordance with the mission of Piedmont College, the R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences is committed to providing the graduate with the foundations to integrate knowledge, skills, and values from the arts and sciences through the development of a reciprocal learning community. The health professional will provide or accommodate quality care with respect for the diversity of individuals, groups, and communities. The health professional, through engagement, personal growth, and ethical reasoning will be a responsible, global citizen who is a leader, upholding high standards while working collaboratively through the inter-professional team.


The R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences of Piedmont College shall be recognized as an exemplary professional academic program.  The arts & sciences are the foundation upon which the student’s intellectual endeavors are built, contributing to the provision of holistic care to clients that includes physical, psychosocial, spiritual and environmental care. The School of Nursing and Health Sciences is dedicated to respect for diversity and to community outreach.

Disaster Drill

The RH Daniel School of Nursing & Health Sciences holds an annual 'Disaster Drill' every spring semester. Senior nursing majors organize and triage a large group of patients. Past themes for the drill have including a boiler explosion, a car accident at an outdoor concert, a small plane crash, a gas tank explosion, a rally with a bomb and suspicious package, and a tornado. Watch the video below of the 2019 Disaster Drill, with a "fire" theme.

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