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Counseling Services

College can be an exciting time for people away from home for possibly the first time. Having to make decisions for yourself that could affect the rest of your life is a new experience for some college students. At Piedmont Univeristy, we offer counseling services to anyone who may need some guidance with those difficult decisions.

Personal counseling is provided in a safe, confidential atmosphere and is available to assist students with personal, developmental, or psychological concerns related to their academic progress and personal growth. Through individual counseling, group counseling, and referrals to campus and community resources, personal counselors are committed to supporting students who have personal issues that hinder their academic success.  

Personal counselors can assist with and/or provide resources for a variety of topics, such as adjustment to college life, stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, sexuality, eating issues, perfectionism, academic concerns, discrimination, transition difficulties, and relationship issues with a partner, relative, or child.  Personal counselors help students develop new strategies for dealing with these challenges or to help clarify students’ feelings through self-exploration and discovery.

Counseling appointments are requested through Starfish, where you will be prompted to complete paperwork that will help us know how we can help you most effectively. As necessary, students are referred to outside professional resources. The counseling office is located in the Student Success Center in Demorest and in the Commons in Athens. We are offering telementalhealth services to help mitigate the spread of COVID. Please email Counseling Services if you have any questions.

In an emergency situation, you can contact the Demorest Campus police at (706) 939-1349 or 939-1350 or the Athens Campus police at (706) 433-1789.

Contact / Make An Appointment

Dr. Gayle Robbins
Director of Counseling Services
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
706-778-8500 x2821

Click/Tap to Request An Appointment in Starfish with a member of the Counseling Services staff.