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Piedmont College and Mercer Law School Form Accelerated JD Program

Jun 13th, 2018

Piedmont College and Mercer Law School have launched a partnership that will give students the opportunity to earn their bachelors of arts (BA) and juris doctor (JD) degrees in six years.

The traditional path to earning a JD degree requires four years of undergraduate education and three years of law school. The 3 + 3 accelerated JD program helps qualified students reduce education costs and launch their legal career sooner.

Select Piedmont students who are majoring in Political Science or English, have completed at least 90 credit hours of coursework, earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better and have a median or above Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score of Mercer Law's prior entering class are eligible for the program. Accepted students become first-year law students at Mercer after completing their junior year at Piedmont.

Credits earned during the first year of law school are applied to both JD and BA degrees. After successfully completing their first year at Mercer Law, participating Piedmont students earn a BA and graduate with their class.

“Some students have the capacity to complete their undergraduate and law degree training in six years,” said Piedmont College President James Mellichamp. “Mercer Law and Piedmont are mindful of the high cost of education, and we are pleased to offer this lower-cost alternative.”

Although similar initiatives are in place in some states, the Mercer-Piedmont agreement is the first 3 + 3 program in Georgia between two separate institutions.

“I was thrilled when my longtime friend Dr. Mellichamp wanted to discuss this unique opportunity for Piedmont students,” said Mercer Law Dean Cathy Cox. “This is a great benefit for students that plan to attend law school and choose to move quickly to finish their advanced degree a year earlier. Piedmont students will be a great fit for the supportive, collegial environment they will find at Mercer Law School.”

Current Piedmont students may apply to the program. For more information, see the Piedmont 3 + 3 webpage.