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Honor Societies

Pursue excellence in all areas through scholarship, service to the community, and leadership potential.

Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi is a national college honor society that admits students from all academic disciplines. Membership is limited to the top 10 percent of an institution's juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Students who are eligible will receive an invitation to join from a Piedmont Faculty Advisor. As an organization, Alpha Chi recognizes and promotes scholarship and the elements of character that make scholarship effective for good. Included with membership are opportunities to attend and present work at national conferences, and to apply for prestigious scholarships for graduate school. 

Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes students who have succeeded in maintaining a 3.5 or higher GPA, and are in the top 20% of their class, in their first year.  Alpha Lambda Delta's mission is to "encourage superior academic achievement... to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their unique roles in society."

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is the National Greek Theatre Honor Society. Membership into Alpha Beta Gamma, Piedmont's cast of Alpha Psi Omega, is based on the number of cumulative hours each individual has spent in various college theatre productions. They will continue on in furthering their hours by community outreach and through educational opportunities to High School’s and Middle Schools. Their goal is to help inform and better the community at large as well as Piedmont College through their unique theatrical lense. ADVISOR: William Gabelhousen

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Pi Rho, Piedmont College’s Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL), is a national honor society for nontraditional students. Alpha Sigma Lambda is a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to the recognition of nontraditional students continuing their education. ASL remains the only chapter-based honor society for nontraditional students in the United States. Some of the benefits derived from one’s membership include a forum for the exchange of ideas on activities and programs for adult students, recognition of one’s efforts and achievement as an adult student and scholarship opportunities available through the ASL Adult Educational Foundation. An annual induction for Pi Rho takes place at the Piedmont College Athens Campus in November on the Saturday morning preceding the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Chi Alpha Sigma

Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization that was established to recognize college student-athletes who excel both on and off the field of competition. Chi Alpha Sigma's purpose is to encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at four-year accredited colleges and universities, recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letter winners, encourage good citizenship, moral character and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics, recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department, and college or university, and mentor and to provide leadership to other athletes.

Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society that recognizes and encourages academic excellence of business students to create a community that fosters the well-being of its individual members and the business community through life-time membership. To join, a student must have standing in the top twenty percent of their class and received recommendation via their adviser. As an international society, Delta Mu Delta members contribute significantly throughout the world to the development of business scholarship, innovation and integrity. In 2014, Delta Mu Delta awarded more than $58,000 in scholarships to 60+ members who are finishing their degrees.

Kappa Mu Epsilon

Kappa Mu Epsilon, a National Honor Society in Mathematics, promotes interest of mathematics among undergraduate students. The chapters’ members are selected from students of mathematics and other closely related fields. Regularly enrolled students are invited to join if they have completed at least three semesters, rank in the upper 35% of his/her class, and completed at least three college courses in mathematics, including at least one semester of calculus and maintained an average of B or better in all mathematics courses.  

Kappa Pi

The Piedmont Art Club is an organization of Art majors and non-Art majors that come together out of a shared love of creative expression within the Visual Arts. As a group, students engage in a variety of activities including (but not limited to): group trips to various museums and galleries within the region, an annual Halloween Ball, and Holiday sales of original artwork on campus. The club meets at regular intervals throughout the semester in the Smith-Wilson Studio Art Building in order to plan and coordinate these activities, as well as network with one another and share one another's work.

Psi Chi

Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, was founded in 1929 with a mission to encourage excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology. Recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology. Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. ADVISOR: Cynthia Vance 

R.H. Daniel School of Nursing & Health Sciences Health Sciences Honor Society

R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences Health Sciences Honor Society recognizes students for academic excellence, leadership, creativity, and service to the community. To be eligible, the student must have junior or senior standing, have >3.5GPA, and demonstrate leadership, critical thinking, and positive interpersonal relationships.

R.H. Daniel School of Nursing & Health Sciences Nursing Honor Society

R.H. Daniel School of Nursing and Health Sciences Nursing Honor Society recognizes nursing students for their academic excellence, leadership, and creativity within the nursing profession. To be eligible for membership, the nursing student must be full-time, have completed at least 22 credit hours in the nursing major, have an overall GPA of at least 3.0, demonstrate leadership qualities and critical thinking skills, exhibit positive interpersonal relationships, and be nominated by the nursing faculty and clinical instructors. Membership is limited to no more than one third of each class.

Sigma Alpha Pi

Sigma Alpha Pi is the National Society of Leadership and Success. The mission is to build leaders who make a better world. Local chapters offer in-person leadership development and peer-to-peer networking for students around the world. ADVISOR: Kimberly Crawford

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta [ΣΤΔ] is an international Honor Society, promoting high academic achievement and the appreciation of literature, literary criticism, languages, and creative writing. The Piedmont chapter meets monthly to discuss ideas, books, and literary research. 
Frequently, members travel to attend the national ΣΤΔ conference, literary conferences, theater productions, poetry readings, and musical events. In the English suite [Daniel 201] the chapter maintains a "used" book store to fund the society's induction ceremonies. The chapter also sponsors such fundraisers as "Nights in Narnia," "Nights in the Shire," "A Night in Hogwarts," "A Night with Sherlock Holmes," and the "Mad Tea Party in Demorest Park," the proceeds of each going to charity. Members also volunteer to read to students in the schools, to tutor students at HCHS for graduation tests, and to collect funds to buy books for needy elementary schools/pupils.
Requirements for membership are a minimum of two college courses in English language or literature beyond English 1101 and 1102, at least a “B” average in all English classes, placement in the top 35 percent of the class, and completion of least three semesters of college course work.

The Society for Collegiate Journalists

The Society for Collegiate Journalists is a National Society of Collegiate Mass Communications. It is the nation's oldest organization designed solely to serve college journalists. SCJ was formed when Pi Delta Epsilon, which was founded in 1909, merged with Alpha Phi Gamma, which was founded in 1919. Today SCJ has approximately 80 active chapters nationwide and 800 members.

Torch of Piedmont

The Torch is an honor society for women students at Piedmont College.  Eligible women must have completed at least four semesters as fulltime students at Piedmont College and must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.9. Transfer students who received an associate degree from a two-year college must complete at least two semesters at Piedmont College and must have a minimum grade point average of 3.9. Requirements for membership include outstanding academic achievement, qualities of leadership, executive ability, and attendance at the induction/pinning ceremony.  

Who's Who

Honorees are selected based on academic achievement, community service and leadership. Each year, a select group of students is called forward to accept one of the most prestigious awards the academic community can bestow — selection to Who’s Who Among Students. This exclusive honor is conferred by more than 1,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is symbolized by the presentation of an award certificate. Who’s Who Among Students is one of the most long-standing honors programs in the nation.