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What does the tuition cover on these Travel Study experiences?

The trip cost typically covers 6 hours of tuition (2 courses), round-trip airfare, lodging, 2 meals per day, and admission to events/activities.   

What else do I need to pay for?

In addition to summer tuition for the two courses, students pay an additional non-refundable down-payment ranging from $300-$1,000 depending on the travel location to secure their seat on the trip. Students will need a passport for international trips, additional funds for one meal per day, incidentals, souvenirs, etc. Students must show proof of health insurance in order to participate in these Travel Study opportunities. 

What type of experiences do students have during Travel Study?

Faculty schedule visits to venues and plan interactions with people in the destination communities. The broad range of experiences might include visits to museums, cultural events, historic sites, universities, corporations, and community organizations. These experiences are chosen to enhance student learning outcomes.

Are there special requirements to register for a Travel Study experience?

Students must be in good standing with the College in order to participate in any 
Travel Study opportunity.  

How many courses are included in each Travel Study experience?

Students enroll in two courses for each trip. Class meetings, readings, and assignments during the spring semester preceding travel are required components of the course curriculum. Credit for the two courses is awarded in summer session upon completion of all academic requirements and the travel component itself. 

How will grades be determined for the Travel Study experience?

Faculty members provide students with a syllabus for their course. Learning outcomes, course requirements, and assignment deadlines are included on each syllabus. Students must adhere to the syllabus to earn a passing grade; passing grades in the courses cannot be earned by travel alone.

Which Piedmont personnel should students talk to about the trips?

Students should discuss participation with their Financial Aid advisor and their academic advisor to find out how this travel experience fits into their established program of study. Students should also visit with the faculty members who are coordinating the trips before the students make their initial non-refundable trip payment.

How do students sign up for one of these Travel Study opportunities?

General advertising for all Travel Study experiences begins in the fall semester. Notices are also posted in the Navigator, Piedmont's student newspaper. Students are asked to contact the faculty members leading the travel opportunities to secure an application. 

May I participate in more than one Travel Study opportunity?

Yes, students may participate in more than one Travel Study trip if course credit is needed and time and funds allow.