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Welcome to Fine Arts!

At Piedmont College, the fine arts include academic programs as well as public performances. Whether you are a prospective student or simply want to enjoy the fine arts events at Piedmont, the links in the menu will provide more information about all of our programs in art, music, and theatre. For students, there is information about the available majors and minors, ensembles, clubs, and honor societies, as well as links to the venues and fine arts facilities used to learn, exhibit, and perform. Everyone is invited to hear, see, and experience the arts at their finest - created by Piedmont students, faculty, and visiting performers. You will understand first-hand the importance of the arts to our culture - past, present, and future - and how the fine arts teach us about our world in ways other disciplines cannot. We hope to see you at our events!


Theatre students receive hands-on learning in the areas of acting, directing, production, costuming, set design and construction, sound, lights, theatre management, children's theatre, playwriting, movement and voice for actors, theatre history, and dramaturgy. Students develop performance, technical and analytical skills. The department produces a variety of theatrical events each semester.

Music connects us all by communicating directly to the heart and the emotions. Music students make these connections through opportunities to perform in solo recitals and ensemble concerts on campus and in performance travel throughout the U.S. and the world.

Art students find their artistic voice by providing diverse experiences in art history, aesthetics, and art criticism. Students create work in a multidisciplinary and supportive environment. Trips to regional art museums and opportunities for international travel are a part of the regular curriculum.

Help support Piedmont College’s Fine Arts programs by becoming a Friend of the Arts. Your membership will help promote music, theatre, and the visual arts on campus and throughout the northeast Georgia community.