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Endowment & Planned Giving

There are many ways one can support Piedmont University, whether it's through a recurring yearly gift or a one-time donation. You can leave your mark on Piedmont through an Endowment or through a Planned Gift. No matter how you choose to give to Piedmont, it's the students who benefit from your generosity.


Endowment & Planned Giving Opportunities


One of our highest priorities is attracting the best and brightest students and securing their access to a Piedmont education. The majority of Piedmont students need some type of financial assistance during their college years. With the rising costs of education, students use the amount of financial aid available to them as the determining factor in choosing a college. Scholarship support ensures that Piedmont remains competitive.  ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS

Planned Gifts

You can leave a legacy to Piedmont, provide for your family's needs, and minimize taxes by making a planned gift to the college. Details about different planned giving opportunities are included below: 

The Newell Society

Members of the Newell Society have included Piedmont University in their will. Bequests, large and small, continue to provide substantial support for Piedmont's programs. Click for more information about The Newell Society and Piedmont’s third and fifth President, Henry Clinton Newell, for whom the society is named.

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA)

A CGA allows you to make a gift to the college while providing for your financial needs. Rates of return vary depending on your age. A CGA also provides charitable tax deductions.

Annuities or Trusts

An annuity or trust can help Piedmont while allowing you to achieve your goals. One or more of these vehicles might allow you to make a charitable gift and receive life income for yourself, a loved one, or provide for your family while minimizing your taxes.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock, Bonds, Real Estate or Life Insurance

These gifts may carry tax benefits for you while strengthening Piedmont's endowment. You may minimize your capital gains or other taxes while helping students gain an education.
Careful planning can make charitable giving a true financial advantage, not only for the college but for you as well. Tax laws make certain types of gifts more advantageous than others. We encourage you to consider a planned gift and suggest that you consult your financial advisor or lawyer while developing your financial plan.
For more information regarding Endowment and Planned Giving Options, please contact Mark Elam, Director of Development at or 706-894-4214.