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Clubs & Organizations

Why Get Involved?

Student Life and Leadership at Piedmont College goes beyond social events, club meetings, and building one's resume. Our mission is to provide leadership and programming opportunities for you to become an active member of our community. There are many activities available for you to enjoy, explore, and establish skills through practical learning experiences. In short, we want you to get involved in campus life and start building your legacy!


Participate in organizations founded on the principles of Ethics, Friendship and Service. Develop leadership skills as you volunteer in your community.

Plan and support subject related disciplines and professions through academic and social events.

Pursue excellence in all areas through scholarship, service to the community, and leadership potential.

Assist with recruitment and college-related activities to enhance the public and instructional image of the college, its students, and its programs.

Provide networking opportunities, activities, and social functions within the broadcast and mass media industry.

Promote the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your area of interest. Plan and participate in activities for student awareness.

Religious life organizations rely on student initiative and emphasize freedom of expression, dialogue, and recognition of diverse convictions and beliefs. Activities focus on fellowship, outreach, worship, reflection, compassion, and social justice, frequently varying from one year to the next.

We want you to be involved at Piedmont College! The opportunities are endless! Build your legacy!