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Cardiovascular Technology

Due to low enrollment and changes in lab/clinical sites, Piedmont College is phasing out the CVTE program over the next year. The program will be closing at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year. Piedmont College is no longer accepting students into the four-year Bachelor of Science program effective Spring 2021.  Certificate-only students remain eligible to apply for the Fall 2021 cohort through March 31, 2021.

CVTE is one of the fastest growing fields in health care, and the need for cardiovascular technologists is expected to grow by almost 40 percent in the next decade alone. Cardiovascular technologists typically work with cardiac physicians to perform either non-invasive tests, such as electrocardiograms and sonograms, or invasive tests, such as cardiac catheterization. The Piedmont program focuses on non-invasive examination of the heart and major blood vessels.

Certificate students must have completed or be currently enrolled in all required pre-requisite coursework at the time of application, including college credit (grade of C or better) for a two-course sequence of anatomy & physiology with lab, one additional lab science, medical terminology, AND already hold either a Bachelor degree in a Health Science field or an appropriate Associate of Science degree and related work experience. A maximum of 10 students are admitted into each cohort (one cohort per year). All official college transcripts showing coursework and degrees completed must be submitted by July 31st.

Annual Assessment