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Academic Clubs

Plan and support subject related disciplines and professions through academic and social events.

American Marketing Association

Piedmont AMA is the Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association at Piedmont College. The mission of AMA is to promote the professional development of members through hands-on experiences and real-world application of marketing principles. The focus is on entrepreneurship across the college's academic disciplines. AMA encourages participation and membership from students enrolled in each of the schools within the college.

AMA is "the jobs club." Every member gains experience and skills that complement their academic program. Participation in club projects, events, and networking provide invaluable contacts and experiences valued by employers. ADVISOR: Morgan Sales

Art Club

The Piedmont Art Club is an organization of Art majors and non-Art majors that come together out of a shared love of creative expression within the Visual Arts. As a group, students engage in a variety of activities including (but not limited to): group trips to various museums and galleries within the region, an annual Halloween Ball, and Holiday sales of original artwork on campus. The club meets at regular intervals throughout the semester in the Smith-Wilson Studio Art Building in order to plan and coordinate these activities, as well as network with one another and share one another's work.

Athletic Training Club

The Piedmont Athletic Training Club exists to provide students pursuing a career in Athletic Training opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the profession and develop their abilities by participating in professional development, community service, and social activities. Members will expand their professional background of the student Athletic Trainer in a way that benefits the Piedmont College Athletic Training Program and the city of Demorest and its surrounding regions, promotes the advancement of Athletic Training, disseminates information regarding the profession as well as the educational program at Piedmont College. In addition, the club will recruit future student athletic trainers through community involvement, get involved with other Piedmont clubs and organizations, represent the Piedmont College Athletic Training Education Program at District, State and National conventions, keep alumni informed and connected with the club, the program and the college, and when practicable and permissible, provide healthcare services to the college and community by volunteering at various events (Special Olympics, 5K runs, sporting events and camps, etc). ADVISOR: Jeremy Fouts

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is a group of students who enjoy the intricacies of chemistry. Our members are comprised of students from various majors. The vision of the Chemistry Club is to provide a new outlook on the realm of chemistry to the students of Piedmont. We accomplish this by hosting events, attending national and regional conferences and participating in college wide activities. One of the events that we host yearly is the South Eastern Regional Science Bowl. Each year we celebrate mole day by hosting week long events in October. Chemistry Week includes events like: Mad Scientist Monday, Mole-A-Grams sales, Chemistry on the Quad and the Human Periodic Table. ADVISOR: Elaine Bailey

Debate Team

Piedmont Debate has been in existence since 2003. In 2008, the team changed to the Parliamentary debate format and is now making a name for itself in the National Parliamentary Debate Association and the Georgia Parliamentary Debate Association. Piedmont now hosts its own debate tournament, the Mayflower Classic, every two years. Click here for a brief history of the Piedmont College debate team.

Literary Club

ADVISOR: Stephen Whited

Math & Physics Club

The Piedmont College Math & Physics Club is an association of Math majors, Physics majors, and other majors that come together out of a shared love of the beauty of Mathematics and Physics. Students engage in a wide variety of social, educational, networking, and service activities including (but not limited to): trips to Six Flags, monthly game nights, movie screenings, guest lectures from both professionals and academics, tutoring at local schools, and assisting others as they prepare for graduate school. ADVISOR: Douglas Torrance

Spanish Club

The purpose of this club is to highlight the importance of the Spanish language and culture while creating a fun, safe, and educational environment for students interested in foreign language. Generate interest in regards to increasing participation in and around Spanish and provide a doorway through which members can expand their knowledge in Latin American cultures. ADVISOR: Jeff Bowers